Professionals: Tell Us About Yourself

If you provide a service to legal professionals, feel free to tell us all a little bit about yourself in the comments section of this post.  Your service should fall into a category such as legal nurse consultant, medical professional, private investigator, expert witness, court reporter, etc.  We all look forward to your input.

Thank you!

Lowell Steiger


  1. I am a legal nurse consultant in Illinois, near St. Louis, Missouri. The area I live in is considered Metro-East St. Louis area. Currently I've worked for four different law firms in Chicago, Waukegan, Sprinfield and Edwardsville, IL. Branching out to other states is a goal of mine. Specialties include personal injury, medical malpractice and toxic torts, either plaintiff or defense. Worker's compensation is also a field of interest for me. No job is too small or too big!

  2. Expert Witness
    Lost Compensation provides litigation support services in the form of economic analysis and testimony. We manage a nationwide network of Ph.D. economists, and specialize in personal injury cases.

    Our website is undergoing a complete redesign and will re-launch soon (
    Our blog is at

    If you ever need economic damages analysis in matters of personal injury, please do not hesitate to contact us (our info is on the website).

    Rick Bosworth, MBA
    Lost Compensation

  3. While our company is located in South Texas, we service attorneys from around the country. As a thank-you for your business – we have developed one of our websites as an opportunity for you to find a large variety of medical guidelines and practices which may be pertinent to your cases. We’ve taken the legwork out of finding what you need – when you open most any of our links, it will take you directly to a list of guidelines or practices without having to search around through sometimes confusing websites. While we realize that not every standard or guidelines you may need is located on the Internet, take a look at our site – you might be surprised at how much you find.
    Visit us at

    Lisa Edwards, RN
    Full Disclosure LLC
    3636 S Alameda, STE. B
    Corpus Christi, TX, 78411
    301E Camellia Ave. #201A
    McAllen, TX, 78501
    (P) 361-548-5976
    (F) 361-888-7535

  4. Hi Lisa,
    Thank you for your comment. The website is very helpful and informative.

  5. Lowell–Great site..Very informative!!

    I am a certified traffic collision reconstructionist in Northern California. My firm specializes in providing expert testimony and case work in low speed collisions, pedestrian / bicycle / motorcycle / emergency vehicle collisions.

    Additionally, I a certified CDR download operator, which means I can download data from vehicle "black boxes". I own the latest hardware and software.

    Visit my site at

  6. Hi Daniel,
    What type of information do the black boxes actually provide and is it admissible? This is fascinating stuff.

  7. Our litigation consultants provide support services to attorneys and insurance companies nationwide with a focus on those issues arising out of medical malpractice and personal injury claims. We provide service to both plaintiff and defense. We specialize in such support services as medical record review and analysis, merit reports and locating of experts, to name a few. For further information, please visit our web site,

  8. Lynn Wiegandt on

    L.A.W. Consulting is located in the Metro Detroit area. We have provided record review and analysis, research, report writing, and located expert witnesses for law firms in MI, OH, IN and KY. We specialize in med mal, PI, toxic tort and worker's comp. We have nurses with OR, Oncology, Home Care, OB, ER, Med-Surg, and Critical Care experience to name a few.

    Lynn A. Wiegandt RN, CLNC
    L.A.W. Consulting, LLC.
    Novi, MI

  9. Lowell! What a great idea! 🙂

    Well, like many of my nurse colleagues who commented above, I am also a legal nurse consultant! With 34 years of critical care experience, I love the challenge of a complex medical record! I enjoy spending time with my attorneys explaining the implications of facts in their clients' medical records. Teaching is a big part of consulting. Many times the records speak to the incident from a different angle than was initially presented by a client. It's with the help of legal nurse consultants that these issues can surface and be addressed appropriately! 🙂 My company is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but is not limited by location. I am affiliated with a network of nurse experts from a large variety of speicalties. Any litigation that involves medical records can benefit from a legal nurse's pair of eyes!

    Ellen Richter RN MA CLNC
    South Florida Legal Nurse Consultant Service
    This was fun!
    Thanks, Lowell!

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  10. Express Process Servers is located in Greensboro, NC. We provide prompt and effective Service of Process, Skip Tracing, Document Retrieval, Court Filing, Records Search and Mobile Notary Services throughout the state of North Carolina. We serve Law Firms, Corporations and other Process Serving Firms nationwide. We are proud members of National Assoc. of Professional Process Servers and Serve-Now.