Representing Injured People

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of representing a great many people who have been innocently injured by the negligence of others. It is my basic nature to want to fix things, to make it better for people in general and, specifically, for those that I represent. I want to right the wrongs that have been done to my clients.

My clients range in age from 4 years to 80+. They’ve been injured as drivers, passengers, pedestrians, bike riders, motorcycle riders, boat passengers, victims of dog bites and other animal attacks, slip and falls in restaurants, stores, parking lots, trip and falls on sidewalks, exploding wine bottles, defamation, medical malpractice, and on and on. Whether the negligent party is an individual, a company or a governmental entity, my clients are deserving of zealous representation.

When someone is injured, they are made less than whole. Something is taken away from them. They suffer not only a physical injuries but emotional injuries as well. An injured person’s world is rocked. Once unexpectedly injured, a person’s confidence and sense of security in the world around him or her is somehow eroded. That erosion can be small or great.

My clients have suffered soft tissue injuries, facial and bodily scarring, broken bones, brain injuries, psychological injuries such as post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. No injury is to be taken lightly because the pain suffered is 100% unique to that individual. My staff and I sympathize with our clients and want to bring them back to where they were before they were injured.

It is my job to handle the legal portion of each of my client’s cases. By doing my job, my client can focus on his or her job: getting well.

My life as an attorney is a second career for me — I was licensed at 42 (I’m now almost 51). I chose this field because I care about people and want to spend the second half of my life representing those who, without my help, would most likely not get a fair shake from the insurance companies or other big businesses whose negligence has caused them harm.

Look for more posts regarding personal injury law. Please let me know what topics you would like to see covered in this blog.

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Lowell Steiger

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  1. Sarah Kaminski on

    Just curious, but what was your first career?


  2. I was a businessman but decided that I wanted to have a career in law so, one day, I just decided to go for it. I walked into my first class and knew that it was a perfect fit — actually, I remember thinking "what have I been waiting for?"

  3. Sarah, I went on about myself but neglected to ask you what you do. What do you do?

  4. Michele L. Martin, RN on

    Hi Lowell, This'll be kind of fun,and likely beneficial as well. I see patients in an endoscopy center where we do colonoscopy and gastroscopy on adults. I published an article on litigation issues surrounding colorectal cancer, last year- if you'd like a copy pls contact me. In my consulting practice I screen cases for merit to proceed, I locate experts for review and trial and I am a testifying expert on the nursing process. Most of my practice is for attorneys in Spokane, WA and Boise, ID.I hope your new blog doesn't prove overwhelming. Good luck keeping up with all of us!

  5. Hi Michele,
    I would love a copy of your article on litigation issues surround colorectal cancer. I've noticed that there have been a number of queries on other blogs and listserves regarding potential complications and injuries resulting from the colonoscopy procedure.
    I'll look forward to reading your article.