Legal Nurse Consultants

Legal Nurse Consultants play a very important role in personal injury and medical malpractice cases with significant medical issues.  They are trained to pour through volumes of medical records and, frankly, make sense out of them.

I have used Legal Nurse Consultants in my practice and find that they provide invaluable insight into the often complex medical issues that are inherent in most personal injury and medical malpractice cases.

I would like to invite Legal Nurse Consultants to post comments in this section to help further illustrate what they see as their role in these cases.  Naturally, any interesting anecdotes (while maintaining client confidentiality) are welcome.

We all look forward to hearing from Legal Nurse Consultants.

Thank you!

Lowell Steiger


  1. Thanks for your astute observations to the insight legal nurse consultants bring to medical malpractice and personal injury cases. I recently assisted a personal injury firm through a tragic case where their clients were severely burned. I educated the attorneys in burn care 101, obtained some of the top burn experts in the country, summarized months of burn treatment, psychosocial issues, etc into a clear and understandable chronology and provided a graphic timeline of those events in a ( I must say stunning) powerpoint presentation. When all was said and done – things worked out really well for all involved.

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  2. Helen Borel,RN,PhD,LNC on

    I'm a "Legal Nurse Consultant" (as opposed to
    an Illegal Nurse Consultant — couldn't resist that LOL). This is a career that allows Registered Nurses, who have
    vast medical, surgical, pediatric, orthopedic, obstetric, gynecologic, neurologic, ER, etc., etc. knowledge and hands-on clinical bedside experience — who have eased pain, saved lives and eased dying — to use our massive education, knowledge, experience and even our compassion to assist attorneys in understanding every major aspect of a case (plaintiff or defense)and every, seemingly minute, detail that can contribute to a successful outcome from the attorney's and his client's perspective.

    RNs are extremely well-versed in symptomatology, medication administration, adverse effects, allergic reactions, pain perception and therapies, wound care, bed sore prevention, emotional patient care, family interactions, physician-nurse interactions, standards of care of hospitals, physicians and nurses, documentation…and on and on.

    In my case, I also have extensive knowledge of related healthcare issues since my education beyond my RN includes a Masters degress in Creative Writing and a PhD in Psychoanalytic Studies.

    I received my Masters after working 10 years on Medicine Avenue (sic) as a senior medical writer/ Creative Director creating
    ad campaigns, brochures, book-length collaterals, sales materials, videos, Continuing Education for MDs, etc. on every Rx pharmceutical class in existence from Ampicillin to Zovirax, from Abilify to Zits, from A to Z.

    I spent another bunch of years as a private practice
    psychotherapist giving me
    additional psychiatric/ behavioral medicine perspectives to assist my
    attorney-clients when something arises relative to psychotherapy and Rx psychotropic medications that may or may not be kosher.

    Because of this diverse but
    relevant background, I have
    an enormous advantage over
    MDs (who usually concentrate in only one field) when it comes to reviewing medical records, screening cases for merit, analyzing, chronologizing, summarizing and even strategizing (ideas that arise during heavy involvement with cases)that helps lawyers win their cases. Even with these excellent credentials, attorneys are
    extra-delighted to use my
    services because my fees
    are not exhorbitant (as are
    most MDs').

    In general, Legal Nurse Consultants are a blessing to attorneys who, once they
    receive the benefits of an
    LNC, wonder how they ever got their medical related cases done accurately, timely and cost-effectively without us.

    Because of my medical/ nursing background; my extremely broad clinical, research and writing knowledge of Rx drugs of all kinds — from simple vitamins to complex psychopharmaceuticals; my
    expertise; and my writing
    and editing skills I have a wealth of capacities to offer attorneys focused on
    medical malpractice, personal injury, product liability, toxic tort and
    related health care cases.
    My attorneys have, so far,
    always won their cases.
    Helen Borel,RN,PhD,LNC
    Medical-Legal Consultancy
    200 West 79th Street
    Suite 9L
    New York City 10024-6215
    Ongoing cases:(212)873-5640
    "a unique medical mind…
    serving the legal profession"

  3. My sister just became a certified legal nurse consultant. She provides insight into the medical issues that are inherent in most personal injury and medical malpractice cases. It is a very interesting occupation and she tells me something new everyday. I'm glad people like her exist in the world today.