Spinal Cord Injury More Frequent in Children with Seat Belt Injuries

Child_seat_belt Medical News Today reports that Spinal Injuries Are More Frequent in Children With Seat Belt Injuries.  If the link to the article is inactive, you can click here to access the Adobe Acrobat version of the article.

The article states, in part, that "Ill-fitting seat belts raise the risk of serious injury to children involved in car accidents. And seat belt injuries should alert physicians to look for signs of more serious consequences, particularly spinal cord injury, which is not always immediately apparent.

"Unless physicians are diligent, spinal-cord injuries are hard to diagnose in children. In the event of a car accident, seat belt injuries such as bruising and tenderness should warrant a search for other injuries, including spinal-cord injury, vertebral fractures and intra-abdominal injuries. If spinal-cord injury is missed or not diagnosed early, the consequences can be devastating," said Harsh Grewal, M.D., in a report published in August issue of the Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine."

For more information, the Department of Transportation publishes Transportation Safety Tips for Children.

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  1. I would suggest that an ideal treatment of possible spinal-cord injury starts at the scene of the accident with proper stabilization and transportation of the victims. If a child with a spinal fracture has not been stabilized properly, movement can injure more tissue and that would be more dangerous.