Traffic Ticket Myths

Trafficticketcartoon1 I found an interesting article on written by Craig Guillot of which discusses the 8 common ticket myths.  I’ve listed the myths below but for an in-depth discussion of the myths you can either read the complete article on Yahoo or click here to get the Adobe Acrobat version of the article.  If you don’t have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here for the free download of Adobe Acrobat 8 I hope you find this information helpful.

8 common ticket myths

1. If the officer makes a single mistake on your ticket, the case is dropped.
2. If the officer doesn’t show up in court, you automatically win.
3. Red cars get more tickets.
4. You need a lawyer to beat a ticket.
5. If you get a ticket in another state, your home state won’t find out about it.
6. You can make up an excuse to get out of the ticket.
7. A radar detector will ensure that you never get pulled over.
8. If you don’t sign the ticket, it will be dismissed.

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One comment

  1. sue law on

    Are these myths too I wonder?

    1) The ticket officer doesn't benefit financially from writing more tickets.
    2) The ticket officers don't go out without their uniform to get more tickets unnoticed.
    3) The ticket officers go out at night to the same places in central locations to get high commission.
    5) The court system is funded through parking fines along with a lot of local goverment offices.

    Just some other issues I thought of.