Halloween Fun! Safety, History and Some Videos!

Halloween_image Wikipedia’s Halloween Page says that "The Festival of Halloween is a celebration of the end of the fertile period of the Celtic Goddess Eiseria. It is said that when Eiseria reaches the end of her fertile cycle the worlds of the dead and the living interlap. This happens on October 31. Masks are worn to show respect for the Goddess Eiseria who, like most Celtic deities, does not wish to be seen with human eyes. The day also precedes All saints day, which was at first the celebration of the start of a new cycle of fertility for the Celtic Goddess Eiseria. Couples incapable of producing children thus tried their luck on All saints day."

History.com has an extensive page on Halloween which includes videos, a historical perspective and a plethora of Halloween-related links.

Halloween Safety Links

Halloween Safety Guide

National Safety Council discusses safety tips for Motorists, Parents, Costume Design, Face Design, Accessories, On the Way and Treats

Ghost  American Red Cross discusses Tricks, Treats, Costumes and Safety including

  • Walk, slither, and sneak on sidewalks, not in the street.
  • Look both ways before crossing the street to check for cars, trucks, and low-flying brooms.
  • Cross the street only at corners.
  • Don’t hide or cross the street between parked cars.
  • Click here for even more safety tips

    Halloween Videos

    Halloween Pet Safety Tips sung to Love Potion No. 9


    ">Richard Weinblatt Police Chief on Halloween Safety

    ">Keeping Kids Safe Today – Halloween Safety Tips

    Please keep those kids and pets safe!

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