Creative and Amazing Gas Saving Solutions

With gas prices hitting over $4.00 per gallon in some spots around the U.S., we’re all searching for ways to save money on that which fuels our country: Fuel!!!

Save_gas ABC News did an interesting story — click here to watch video –on alternative means to power your car.  Fred Crane invented the Mileage Master which appears to significantly increase gas mileage.  You flip a switch when you reach a certain speed thereby cutting off gas flow to half of the cylinders.  Crane says that a person getting 20 miles per gallon spending $100 per month could reduce that bill to $35 per month!

Vegetable_oil_diesel Gordon Blau runs his diesel powered vehicle on vegetable oil!  This ABC News Report tells all.  Saving over $3,000 a year, "Blau fills up his tank with leftover grease he gets for free from neighborhood Chinese restaurants. Blau’s car runs on diesel. After mixing in the Chinese food grease, he only spends $20 every three weeks at the gas station."  Downside? His garage smells a bit like old Chinese food. Interesting related links:

Wrightspeed_ian Entrepreneur Ian Wright, founder of Wrightspeed, has produced a $150,000 electric car that can hit speeds of up to 170mph and goes 0-60 in 3 seconds!  Watch this informative CBS News Video.


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