Checkmate Web Video: The Realities of Predatory Check Cashing Services

Wow, the Internet Celebrities have posted over 30 "comedy" videos on Youtube.  Each video sends a message about the predatory lending crisis in this country.  Entertaining yet very hard hitting. Check out the video below (beware of some well-placed four-letter words). 

The Internets Celebrities Dallas Penn and Rafi Kam go in for an investigative report on Check-Cashing. Themes explored include usury, economic instability, commercial banks and their profit line, and the cycle of poverty.

Oh yeah, it’s a comedy.

The video is shot on location in Bushwick and Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn, New York. Also stars special guest Internets Celebrity Ben Popken of

Directed by Casimir Nozkowski
Shot by Ian Savage, Josh Weisbrot
Music by El Keter; instrumental from song "The Bottom Line" off Sankofa’s album The Tortoise Hustle. Used with full permission.

How has the Subprime Crisis affected you? 

  • Foreclosure?
  • Victim of Real Estate Fraud? 
  • Skyrocketing mortgage payments?
  • Negative credit rating?
  • Victim of Predatory Lending? 
  • Misled by lenders?

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