Elisabeth Fritzl, Josef Fritzl Videos

I’ve been scouring the Internet and found a zillion video reports about the Fritzl Horrors.  Below are links to many of the videos that come up.  This story becomes more chilling by the day.

Lowell Steiger

Cellar horror father due in court (ITV News)


Josef Fritzl Confesses


Fritzl Family Fotos (with a few creative additions)


More Video Links

Joseph Fritzl Vacations in Thailand While Kids are Locked Up (1998)

Sister-in-Law Speaks Out; Interview with Clinical Psychologist (MSNBC)

Elisabeth’s Lawyer Investigates Possible Compensation (Reuters via New Zealand Herald)

Fritzl Had Prior Rape Conviction (Yahoo! Video Australia)

Fritzl’s Chilling Confession (CNN)

Google Search for Fritzl Video Reports


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