Dumbest Girls Ever Steal Girl Scout Money (raw interview)

The most unbelievable video that I have seen in a long, long time.  Two teenage girls steal $150 from a 9 year old little girl selling Girl Scout Cookies.  Not only do they show no remorse, they are "pissed" because they now have charges pending against them.  What is this world coming to?  You have to watch this to believe it.

Now 18, One of the Teenage Girls Is Arrested! Click Here for Video


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One comment

  1. Lyza on

    Unbelievable, except that I heard it with my own ears. These girls are headed down a very dark road in their lives with those attitudes. They have nothing positive in their future and probably more jail.

    My first, gut reaction was to throw the book at them, but that would be overkill and a waste of taxpayer money when they will learn nothing from a harsh sentence. Probation will also be a waste of time, but some jail time may only create two smarter, wise-a@@ criminals.

    The real question is who are their parents and is this typical of LA? We, on the East Coast, hear about these types of attitudes coming from wealthy kids but they didn't look like kids from means. They looked and acted like trash. My guess is that they are from middle-class backgrounds but covet that which they do not have, as a rule. Sick really. Our country is in trouble.