10 Hot Hands Free Devices to Comply With New Hands Free Cell Phone Laws

Handsfree5 From practical to stylish, high tech companies worldwide are developing and marketing new hands-free devices to help you comply with the new hands-free cell phone laws in various states in the union.  Being an attorney who represents injured people, I’m thrilled to see the proliferation of these devices.  I can’t tell you how many clients will come to me after a devastating car accident and say "She/he was on the cell phone and didn’t see me."  It reminds me of a case that I had several years ago where my client was rear-ended by a guy who was watching a DVD while driving in the fast lane of the 101!

I found a great article on Channel Web entitled 10 Hot Hands-Free Devices for Cell Phone Law Compliance.  They list the following devices (click on each one for detailed information or click here to view individual photos of these devices!):

  1. Plantronics Voyager 520, around $40
  2. Sennheiser VMX 120, around $189
  3. Jabra JX 10 Series, around $70
  4. Ford Sync, built into various Ford products
  5. Aliph’s New Jawbone, around $100
  6. Parrott Mini-Kit, $50-80
  7. Magellan Maestro 3140, around $140-400 (GPS with Bluetooth!)
  8. Motorola T605, around $150 (music and Bluetooth)
  9. Anycom Solar Bluetooth Kit, around $80 (yep, it’s solar powered)
  10. BlueAnt Supertooth Light, around $90

Shocking_accident_list_view You know how I’m always ranting and raving about driving hands-free.  Heck, I don’t expect you to not talk while driving (that’d be saying "do as I say, not as I do") but, please, go hands-free and keep both hands on the steering wheel.  Please don’t let this happen to you or a loved one.


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  1. ken on

    Car kit versus ear piece, where's the clear advantage?

    Salespeople may tell you that Bluetooth earpieces are the low-cost solution to hands-free calling — but a closer look reveals these claims to be misleading.

    Here is a list of disadvantages that the earpiece manufacturers and resellers don't want you to know about:

    Nearly all Bluetooth earpieces have an internal battery that can't be removed. These batteries have a short life of approximately 300 charges, or approximately one earpiece per year (less if you recharge every day). And prices range from $20-$300, averaging about $50.
    The earpiece can't be used while it is charging.
    The earpieces don't fit everyone comfortably. One size definitely doesn't fit all; yet you cannot try the earpiece before you buy.
    The earpieces are uncomfortable for those who wear glasses or sunglasses.
    For reasons of hygiene, the earpieces should not be shared.
    Earpieces are easily lost, stolen, or broken.
    Bluetooth headsets, on average, last just 26 hours when not in use and only 2 to 3 hours when talking.
    The life of the lithium ion battery starts to decline the day it was manufactured whether it is being used or not, the talk time and standby time will continue to degrade over it's short life. The advertised talk time and standby time is only valid when the unit is new and even then the claims are likely overstated.
    Many users purchase more than one Bluetooth earpiece, then finally give up and buy an integrated Bluetooth car kit.
    Potential harmful effects from radiation through the earpiece.
    Most people find the earpieces uncomfortable and ugly, and/or experience lousy audio quality.
    Many people will buy the earpiece believing it is more cost effective, ultimately they end up buying an integrated car kit because they just find it cumbersome to use.

    For the person who talks on the phone for business or wants the best audio quality each and every second of their calls, there is no substitute for a Parrot hands free car kit. No batteries to die, no ear pieces to buy every year, even if you plan on selling your car in 5 years, your car will be worth an extra couple of hundred dollars because of the Parrot Bluetooth car kit option. The value proposition is clear as day, make the prudent choice!


  2. Bluetooth systems such as these can definitely help reduce car related accidents every year. According to statistics, distracted drivers cause approximately 500,000 injuries each year. Moreover, talking on a mobile phone can reduce a young driver’s reaction time to the level of a 70-year-old. By using a Bluetooth system, people can keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel, while taking and making important calls.