Smart Car: How Safe Is It? Miles Per Gallon?

Smartrear Have you been noticing the proliferation of the Daimler AG’s Smart Car recently?  Sure, it gets great mileage, looks pretty cute and zips right along.  But its recent emergence on the scene got me to wondering just how safe this little tiny car would be in a big crash.  According to, "The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recently crash tested the 2008 smart fortwo and found it performed so well it earned the Institute’s best ratings for front and side crash protection. Plus, its rear crash worthiness was rated as “acceptable,” the Institute’s second-highest rating."  Read the complete IIHS report here.

Most interesting to me is the Smart Car Crash Video below.  Crashing into a solid concrete barrier at 70 mph does not completely destroy the car (although it would likely completely destroy its occupants so DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME!).  Watch the chilling yet informative video below:"

And what kind of mileage does the Smart Car get?  According to The Daily, it gets 33 city and 41 highway.  Did you know that there’s also a waiting list of 45,000?  When completely tricked out, this car still runs a little under $20,000 (and the base model starts at around $12,000). 

But, folks, I represent people who are injured — and oftentimes injured in car accidents.  My primary focus is in keeping my clients safe so I’m hesitant to support this car because, in spite of its high ratings, it’s still a dinky little car and, at least in Los Angeles, we have a plethora of gigantic cars on the road.  I don’t want to get a phone call from you or, worse, a loved one telling me that you’ve been involved in a Smart Car crash. To me the car is tantamount to a motorcycle with a steel shell.

Smartcrashaction    Is 33/41 mpg worth the risk? Maybe not.


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