Top 10 Most Fatal Occupations – Link of the Day

Truck_driver_fatalities The List Universe, a site to which I subscribe, e-mails its subscribers daily with top 10 (or 15) lists in a zillion categories.  Since my law practice is mainly built on representing people who have suffered major injuries, or their families in the event of death, I found the The Top 10 Most Fatal Occupations to be of great interest.  Clicking on each one of the occupations below and, where provided the additional links next to them, will take you to a link with more information (these links do not emanate from The List Universe but from other research).

10. Truck Drivers; OSHA (U.S. Dept. of Labor) Trucking Industry Standards

9. Electrical Powerline Workers; Alaska Case Study; OSHA Electric Power Generation, Distribution, and Transmission Industry

8. Roofers; Case Study: Fatality Narrative

7. Farmers and Ranchers; The Healthy Farmer: Staying Safe

6. Refuse Collectors; Waste Age News: Refuse Fatalities Decline in 2007

5. Steel and Iron Construction Workers

4. Lumberjacks

3. Pilots and Flight Engineers

2. Commercial Fishermen; Safety & Health Assessment & Research for Prevention (Commercial Fishing Fatalities in Washington, 1998-2006)

1. Cell Phone Tower Workers; Tower Climbing: Deadliest Job in America (RCR Wireless) Farm_accident_3 Cell_phone_tower

Powerline_worker_2Lumberjack_fatalities_3  *****************************************************************************************************************************

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