Ladder Safety: Videos, Photos and Links

Man_falling_off_ladder The University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, has a common sense page on their site devoted to Ladder Safety.  Click here to read the article wherein they discuss the following topics:

  • Selection of the Appropriate Ladder
  • Inspection of Ladder Prior to Use
  • Proper Use of the Ladder

Click Lowell Steiger’s Ladder Safety and Injuries Photo Album

Video, Choosing the Right Ladder: Ladder Safety by Work Safe BC, is a video designed to highlight the important safety procedures associated with ladder use on construction sites. The video uses classic B&W comedic film footage and computer graphic simulations to illustrate safe ladder techniques.

Here’s another Ladder Safety Video — graphic comedy styled video which really drives its point home

Ladder Safety Links

Ladder Safety eTools : OSHA (U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety & Health Administration)

PowerPoint Presentation Filled with Photos (University of Wisconsin): If you don’t have PowerPoint, download a Free PowerPoint Viewer from Microsoft here

Ladder Safety: Safety Is Us, includes a section to Test Your Knowledge of Ladder Safety

ANSI/OSHA Ladder Requirements: Lab Safety Supply

Photos: Fotosearch provides 241 Safety and Ladder Stock Images and Photos

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