Columbus Day 2008

Columbus So Columbus Day falls on Monday, October 13, 2008.  I blogged about Columbus Day last year and even included a Columbus Day Parade Video.  What exactly is Columbus Day?  Per the aptly named Columbus Day Site, "This day is remembered in the U.S.A to pay tribute to the 1st journey to America in 1492 by Christopher Columbus." This site has a plethora of great information, things of interest to those of us curious enough to explore!

  • Columbus Day is celebrated on the second Monday in October
  • This holiday is also celebrated in South and Central America, Italy and Spain
  • First celebrated in 1792 when the Colombian Order prepared a service in New York City to honor Christopher Columbus and his first landing in America
  • There were already people living here in America upon Columbus’s arrival — therefore he did not "discover" America BUT he did discover it from the perspective of his native Europe
  • Click here for the History of Christopher Columbus from 1451 to his death in 1506
  • Details of Christopher Columbus’s First Voyage in 1492
  • Christopher Columbus had a second, third and fourth voyage as well
  • Christopher Columbus’s death and subsequent events

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Enjoy the holiday

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