3 Boys Killed in Car Crash After Fleeing From Police

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Folks, today tragedy struck when a 14 year old boy went joyriding along with two passengers aged 11 and 6.  According to a Fox News Report, the event happened in Fontana, California as follows:

A CHP officer pulled over the Nissan Maxima
for running a red light on a Fontana street just before 9 p.m.
Wednesday, but the driver sped off as the officer walked toward the
car, the statement said.

In a chase that
lasted less than a minute, the driver ran several red lights and
reached 90 mph on city streets before losing control and hitting the
wall, the statement said.

All 3 boys were killed.  The question becomes whether or not the police were in hot pursuit and were justified in the chase that ultimately cost the lives of 3 young boys.

If it turns out that the chase was not justified, then the families of the boys will have a wrongful death claim against the Fontana Police Department for their tragic loss. 

The answer(s) to this question will be determined by the internal police investigation, a court of law or both.

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When have the police gone too far and did they go too far this time?  Only time and a thorough investigation will tell
.  Meanwhile, the families of the children have a limited time within which to pursue a claim against the governmental entity that may be partially responsible for the tragic loss of their children.  Could the police be trained to react differently in a situation such as this?  Did they have probable cause to believe that the driver and his 6 and 11 year old occupants were a danger on the streets?  Or was the 14 year old driver just a scared child that would have reacted differently if he were not being chased?  What is the Fontana Police Department's protocol in this type of situation and did they follow it?

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  1. It's time to put an end to these types of chases. Too many people are getting killed.

    3 deaths just because they ran a red light? Where is the balance in this decision?

    Chasing someone at dangerous speeds, by an officer of the law, should be outlawed unless they have committed a felony and are considered to be an "active danger" to the community.

  2. Wanda on

    I don't feel the police did anything wrong they follow procedure.
    The boys new they should have not been driving and I assume panic set in and that's why they took off after stopping.

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