Josef Fritzl Sentenced To Life in Mental Hospital

Fritzl Croaking Voice
Joseph Fritzl, the monster who imprisoned, raped and tortured his own daughter, Elisabeth, for 24 years while forcing her to bear 7 of his children, has been sentenced to life in a mental hospital — a mental hospital of HIS own choosing. 

In general, I'm not a punitive person.  However, in these circumstances, this man should be afforded absolutely no choice as to any aspect of his life, not the least of which is where he will spend the rest of his days.  He should be afforded the same choice he gave to his daughter – none.

According to Timesonline:

Josef Fritzl barely quivered when he was sentenced yesterday to life in a
prison for psychologically disturbed criminals. He was found guilty of
murdering a boy, one of seven children fathered with his daughter, of
enslaving her, incarcerating her, beating her and raping her 3,000 times in
the cellar of the family home.

Fritzl, 73, said in a croaking voice that he accepted the verdict — there will
be no appeal — and he was marched off by a phalanx of policemen to a cell
that lets in more sunlight than his daughter Elisabeth saw in almost a
quarter of a century.

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  1. A bizarre and sick man. We are all accountable for our life in the end. He will confront his maker one day.