Road Rage Against the Cyclist: ER Doctor Gets 5 Years

Road rage red      The L.A. Times reports that Dr. Christopher Thompson, a medical doctor, an emergency room medical doctor no less, was convicted of assaulting two bicyclists by slamming on his car brakes after a confrontation on Mandeville Canyon Road, a narrow Brentwood, California street.  Dr. Thompson was sentenced to five years in prison for his early morning road rage, a rage that caused permanent physical harm to his cycling victims.  

    Even more outrageous is that Dr. Thompson took the Hippocratic Oath which, among other things, binds him to act “for the benefit of my patient and abstain from whatever is harmful or mischievous.” The victims in this case were not his patients but 60 year old Thompson is an emergency room doctor for Pete’s sake!  How many cyclists has he treated in the past?  I’m speculating dozens, if not hundreds.  He should have known better — taken the high road, as it were.

Share the road       As a Southern California personal injury lawyer I am outraged by Thompson’s transgressions.  I have represented many, many bicyclists who have been seriously and permanently injured by the careless acts of drivers who fail to keep an eye out for the riders. In almost every single case, the drivers and their insurance companies blame the cyclists for the accident and I’m forced to file a lawsuit to make them take responsibility for their acts, protect my clients and get them the just compensation that they deserve.  But make no mistake: No amount of money is going to make them whole again.  So I beseech you: Share The Road! 


    Injuries to bicycle riders range from sprains and strains to broken bones to partial paralysis or full paralysis to brain damage or any combination of these life-changing assaults often requiring months of medical treatment, hospital stays and, yes, sometimes even life-long care.

 Infiniti bike road rageRonPeterson bike rage     Dr. Thompson apparently had many prior confrontations with bicycle riders in his neighborhood.  He didn’t like sharing the road.  Tough, Dr. Thompson, tough.  You slammed on your brakes in front of the bicycle riders and “One cyclist was flung face-first into the rear window of Thompson's red Infiniti, breaking his front teeth and nose and cutting his face. The other cyclist slammed into the sidewalk and suffered a separated shoulder.” 

Christopher thompson md weeps
      Thompson wept when he was sentenced to five years in prison for his angry acts.  This was not a case of negligence (i.e., the driver didn’t see the cyclist, etc.) but a case of intentional acts.  Thompson was convicted of mayhem; assault with a deadly weapon, his car; battery with serious injury; and reckless driving causing injury.  Did he weep because he felt remorse or because he’s going to jail? That, of course, we’ll never know.

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  1. Michael Aguirre on

    Bad, Bad, Bad, Dr. Thompson! Or should we call you Dr. Big Bad Wolf? Shaking my head!("SMH") SMH,SMH…

  2. I was in a car accident a few months ago, someone rear-ended me going 60mph on the freeway and luckily I only sustained minor injuries. I required a few doctors visits, but that's about it. Where the problem lies is the mental damage done because now I have panic attacks when driving in heavy traffic or if I don't think the person behind me is going to stop. I've become a horrible, scared driver since then, constantly looking in my rear view mirror. This was my first accident and it has really shaken me up. Do the the insurance companies take mental complications that seriously? I need to settle the claim soon, but don't know how much to ask for since I really didn't need very much medical attention.

  3. Too bad to hear that news. Everyone must follow the laws of the road. These are implemented in order to avoid accidents. Bikers are responsible for protecting themselves and avoiding accidents by wearing safety gears like the helmet and the Ansi high visibility vest.

  4. Jeff on

    So if someone in a car slams into the back of your car, they're at fault. Why do cyclist get special treatment? Why were they so close that they could not stop in time? Little personal responsibility people…