1. D B on

    This jury is going to be criticized by 90% of the country. What were they thinking?? My guess is that every juror think she's guilty. But, without the clear evidence, and doing as the judge directed, they may have had no choice. When we allow the law to convict without clear evidence, we are all in jeopardy of losing our freedom. Before someone jumps to conclusions, I'm not a bleeding heart liberal. I just know that there is a fine line to walk in the process. Did this girl get away with murder? It looks like it to us, but she will be judged by her Creator. Don't blame the jury for following the instructions the judge gave them. Making decisions like that is never easy.

  2. Joy on

    Although I did not follow the case closely, I was surprised when I read the verdict. Feel like I may have missed something…..

  3. How does a mother not know the whereabouts of her child for 31 days?? What a beautiful, precious little girl, such a tragic loss! I am baffled by the whole ordeal.

  4. Nadia on

    I am not surprised at all because I believe that Casey Anthony is not guilty of premeditated murder. The prosecutor undermined his case greatly by laughing when the defense was making arguments. He behaved very unprofessional in my opinion. His behavior made people to think that the charges against Ms. Anthony were not that serious, and that the D.A. had a weak case, i.e. a reasonable juror could not find her guilty of murder beyond the reasonable doubt. Whether she was an unfit mother was not an issue in this murder trial.

  5. The prosecution didn't really have a clue as to what happened to cause this toddler's death. They had "ideas" but no proof. I read the coroner couldn't even tell what happened to her or the cause of death. It's difficult to fault a jury as they didn't receive concrete evidence of who murdered the child, weather it was even a murder, or whether or not it was an accidental death at first. it's also hard to fault an accused who acts a certain way, or appears to be someone who gives an impression of wrong doing, whether or not they are guilty.

  6. Patty on

    I look at it that she is guilty, but who are we to judge, as I do honestly believe that there is a higher entity that when the time comes; she will be judged.
    Besides her life from here on out will be miserable, she’ll slip up somehow.

  7. Warren on

    As troubling as it is, I can understand the jurors decision of not guilty. More likely, they found her not innocent – foiled and frustrated at the lack of specifics for conviction.
    I can understand the sentencing for lying to the police.
    But, I can’t understand why she wasn’t charged with child abuse – neglect – wrongful death, perhaps, after 31 days of not reporting Caylee missing.

  8. Tim O. on

    I think she is guilty and got of with Murder. I think Oj simpson was guilty and got of with Murder. Her internet searches for Chloroform and "neck breaking" were more than suspicious. There was trace amounts of chloroform in the trunk of her car. She had evidence of "hair banding" in her car's trunk. Also there was key chemicals consistent with decomposition possibly human. I doubt she travled with dead animals in her trunk. And she borrowed a shovel from a friend right before the time of Caylee's death. Caylee was found half buried. This was just some evidence that I think proved her involvement in her daughters death. I would have voted her guilty if I was on that jury.