Top 10 Stunts That Could Result in Personal Injury

This, my dear readers, is a video not for the faint-of-heart.  Don't try these stunts at home! (or anywhere else). You're going to see a variety of crazy stunts such as being stung by bees, climbing a 450+ foot building without a rope, flying through the air at 11,000 feet with party balloons, diving into the ocean from 125 feet, eating 22 scorpions and more. 

Would any of these daredevils be able to make a claim for personal injuries that arise out of these stunts? The answer is a resounding NO because they would have assumed the risk (a very strong and valid legal defense).

However, if you or someone you love gets injured in one of the usual ways, please contact me by e-mail or phone.  I'm here to help.



  1. It's amazing to see so many people do so many crazy things that could end their life in an instant. Interesting to note that at least 2 of the 10 participants are no longer alive. Have fun but be safe my friends.

  2. I can sure answer this one.
    I'm a Mum with three kids, 2 boys and a girl. The two oldest are just like your boy. My second oldest fell out a window 5 metres from the ground landing on solid rock on the back of his head (he was 9 years old). We were told he might die and if survived he could have brain damage and not be able to walk again. 24 hours later be came out of his coma and the first thing he said was "where's Mum"

    He made a full recovery with no brain damage, Where his head was split open there is a large scar but his hair covers that.

    15 months later he rode his bike in front of a Toyota 4wd and landed on the window. He was also knocked unconscious when he hit is head on the concrete kerb because he was hit by a bike.

    My daughter fell off a horse at full speed, when we got to her she was unconscious and turning blue. Again she made a full recovery. I could write pages and pages more about the things that has happened, but I think you get the picture.

    To answer your question is. Bruises and bumps will go away. If the skin brakes open there is a good chance there will be a scar. When Tiffany was six years old she hit her head where her eyebrow is and cut it. She is now 13 years old and you can still see the scar and that's the same for my oldest, he has a scar above his eyebrow because the skin was broken open.

    I know it's hard being a Mum when you have high energy, active, accident prone kids. The good thing is they are tougher than we think.

  3. Woah! Let us give them a round of applause for these spectacular stunts! It kind of shocks me how these people managed to do these stunts, even though they know the risks involved – all for the sake of entertainment. Well, I couldn't be entertained more. 🙂