Settling Your Personal Injury Case Is YOUR Decision

The bottom line is that you are the injured party. The settlement process in a personal injury case is indeed complex. Despite the fact that your lawyer is doing all of the talking on your behalf, you are an integral part of your own settlement negotiations. If something doesn’t feel or sound right, tell your lawyer. Voice your concerns. He or she will should advise you based on a mixture of experience in the legal world and the particular facts of your case. Every case is different. The settlement that you reach is final, you can’t go back for more money once you’ve signed on the dotted line.

Settlements are reached through various means and can be achieved at any point during the pendency of your case. Those means are not the subject of this particular posting but, in general, settlement can be reached by negotiation between your attorney and the insurance company adjuster or defense attorney, or at mediation before a retired judge or attorney-mediator or at a settlement conference in court before a sitting judge. Call or e-mail me and I’ll be happy to discuss these issues in much greater detail. Consultations are free.

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As always, I’m here for all of your legal needs. If your issue is something other than personal injury, then I have a great network of attorneys personally vetted by me to whom I can refer you.

Lowell Steiger, Attorney at Law