Distracted Driving Kills! 10 Most Dangerous Habits

Distracted driving maims and kills innocent people. Most people think of distracted driving as texting while driving — and they’re right. Yet, as this video relates, there are so many more forms of distracted driving.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Habits

  1. Texting
  2. Talking on the Cell Phone
  3. Daydreaming
  4. Watching Roadside Diversions / Rubbernecking
  5. Adjusting On Board Electronics
  6. Drowsy Driving
  7. Yelling at the Kids
  8. Focusing on Your Pets
  9. Grooming, Shaving, Putting on Make-Up
  10. Eating & Drinking

Distracted Driving Links

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Undistracted Driving

Courtesy California Department of Motor Vehicles

When you are driving, the condition of the roadway you are on and the behavior of other drivers can change abruptly, leaving you little or no time to react. When you are driving, follow these rules:

  • Stay focused.
  • Pay attention.
  • Expect the unexpected.

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