Product Liability & Defects

Product defects cause injury to millions of persons each year, according to records kept by the Consumer Products Safety Commission. Product failures and defects that result in accidental injury and deaths often are preventable, and only occur because someone was negligent in the manufacture, installation, repair or use of those products. The range of products included in research statistics is vast, from automobile parts to toys, pharmaceuticals, appliances, furniture, tools and more. When a product is found to be defective, a recall for that item is issued, but that does not help the persons who have already been injured or killed due to those defective products.

Attorney Lowell Steiger

Clients turn to Attorney Lowell Steiger for effective and aggressive legal representation when they have been injured due to defective products or product failures. Lowell works hard for his clients to help them gain fair compensation for their injuries and expenses related to their accident. Clients are always treated with respect they deserve, and Lowell is available and ready to keep them informed about the progress of their case. Sometimes, personal injury cases take months to years before a settlement or jury award is reached. Clients know that Attorney Lowell Steiger will provide them with the experienced and competent legal representation needed to present their case for best results.

Southern California Product Liability & Defects Lawyer

People depend upon expectations of product safety; they do not expect their car brakes to fail or the rung on a ladder to break. When accidents happen, an investigation by a Southern California Product Liability & Defects Lawyer examines the facts and evidence. If there is liability due to negligence, this can be traced back to the responsible parties and a lawsuit may be filed to obtain fair compensation for the injured party. A variety of claims can be made, including work loss, medical expenses, rehabilitation therapy and long-term care.

If you have been affected by injuries due to product failure or defects, call Attorney Lowell Steiger for effective legal representation immediately. Each product defect case is carefully examined and handled with skill at the Law Office of Lowell Steiger, in Sherman Oaks, CA. Call (818) 306-5799 now for your free initial consultation.