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Law Talk With Lowell Steiger

Author: Lowell Steiger

Published On: March 5, 2012

With guests criminal defense attorney Jennifer Gardner, Esq. and mediator/attorney Alec Wisner. Interesting discussions about criminal matters, whether victim’s families should influence sentencing in criminal matters, mediation, OJ, Johnny Cochran, Casey Anthony, Rush Limbaugh and Sandra Fluke. With guest participation via text. Please watch and enjoy. Click here to watch the video if you can’t access it from the player below

Lowell Steiger’s Mediation: A Sample Video of a Neighbor Dispute

Author: Lowell Steiger

Published On: February 21, 2009

This is a glimpse into a mediation wherein the issue is that Javier’s dog chews up Michael’s yard and all of its contents — on a regular basis. Thanks to Javier and Michael for allowing this session to be recorded. You Can Follow me on Twitter.

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