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Red Light Camera Ticket? You Can Fight It!!!

Author: Lowell Steiger

Published On: August 4, 2010

Wow, have you ever run a red light and then see that red light camera flash bulb go off? Then, just as expected, that nasty ticket came in the mail? You knew you were a goner, right? Well, maybe not! A California Appeals Court recently came down with a decision in The People v. Tarek Khaled which rendered the photographs inadmissible as hearsay and, on that basis, overturned a the conviction for running a red light based on the red light photo! The ruling, in part, reads as follows: “To be more specific, the photographs contain hearsay evidence concerning the matters depicted in the… Read More

10 Cars The Cops Love to Ticket

Author: Lowell Steiger

Published On: February 7, 2009

Thanks to U.S. News and World Report for their article on the 10 cars that cops love to ticket. It’s a pretty fascinating list with some surprises (at least to me). I’ve culled the Internet to find representative photos of the cars and added an interesting link to each one for your reading enjoyment. In line with this article, I would suggest that you read A Guideline for Handling Traffic Tickets by Michael Klijian, Esq. The data in their article was produced by a survey conducted by ISO Quality Planning, an outfit that helps insurers spot and assess risks. This is a polite way of… Read More

A Guideline For Handling Traffic Tickets by Michael Klijian, Esq

Author: Lowell Steiger

Published On: May 31, 2008

I asked attorney Michael Klijian to write an article regarding the handling of traffic tickets. Mr. Klijian’s practice focuses on defending drivers who have been ticketed for any and all types of traffic infractions in and around the Greater Los Angeles area, Beverly Hills and the San Fernando Valley . He handles each matter with the utmost of intregity, professionalism and skill. Mr. Klijian has proved to be a passionate advocate of Southern California drivers. A Guideline For Handling Traffic Tickets by Michael Klijian, Attorney at Law There are many different violations that drivers are cited for on a daily basis. My attempt… Read More

Speed Trap Exchange

Author: Lowell Steiger

Published On: March 27, 2008

The SpeedTrap Exchange is a site where visitors can post what they believe are speedtraps. The National Motorists Association cannot attest to the validity of these listings. They are individual postings from private individuals who believe a speed trap is in effect in these locations. This site is chock full of valuable information and links including Speedtrap Listings, Speed Limits: Fact & Fiction and How to Fight a Speeding Ticket. The best way to avoid a speed trap? Don’t Speed!!!

Speeding Tickets: Practical Tips and Advice

Author: Lowell Steiger

Published On: March 25, 2008

Advice on Speeding Tickets Good advice: don’t speed Best advice: FIGHT IT! We’re at a time where speed enforcement is more vigilant than ever, yet we’re also taunted with the availability of faster and faster cars. Horsepower comes cheap these days, with even minivans having 250 horses. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration cites speeding as the factor in 1/3 of all crash-related fatalities. With federal officials are urging states to increase speed enforcement, causing lawmakers in California to have added surcharges of as much as $30 on top of fines for speeding. Paying the fine might not change your life, but… Read More

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